My Word Made Flesh: Awakening Your Health and Wealth Through the Words You Speak

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My Word Made Flesh connects the data of our feeling world with the meaning of our belief patterns and gives vital steps required to change our paradigm completely. It is designed to guide the reader in gaining skill, experience, and increased success in transforming limitations and replacing them with what you choose with speed and accuracy. You will:

  • Ignite your own highly effective, systematic approach to finding ever-expanding peace, fulfillment, and abundant supply. 
  • Awaken your masterful reality shifter and apply in all your experiences.
  • Reveal how our beloved plant kingdom is designed to make all our upgrades easy by increasing life force, strength, and faith.

This book offers techniques to shift from good/bad and right/wrong into the unifying frequency of Love and awareness. The distinction between “struggle and stress” and “Grace and ease” is the difference between fighting the effects of a situation and knowing the cause (and inner benefit) of a situation. Each body signal, repeating pattern, and limitation is actually asking us to change. Every symptom has a root cause. Addressing the symptom only does not transform the root cause. The root cause can be found in My Word Made Flesh™.  Successfully responding with new thoughts, words, choices, feelings, actions, and lifestyle adjustments engages an upgrading shift.

Utilizing My Word Made Flesh, we can sift any negative self-talk into our Highest choices using our words and essential oils.  Essential oils take us into our feeling world.  Words and thoughts are the language of our mind.  Feeling is the language of our Heart.  Pure essential oils bypass our mind language and trigger our feelings. Smelling an oil engages the amygdala, engaging our feeling center and raising our consciousness.  Reverse the curse of your limiting beliefs and patterns with essential oils and add the 7 transformational steps in My Word Made Flesh for your full Victory.

8.5" x 11", full color.
spiral bound, 288 pages