Ningxia Red® Premium Starter Kit Flyer Pack

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Ningxia Red® Premium Starter Kit Flyer Pack

This flyer covers the contents of the Ningxia Red® Premium Starter Kit. It covers the following:

  • Ningxia Red®
  • Ningxia Nitro™
  • Stress Away™ Bonus oil
  • Other contents of the kit (Ningxia Red® Samples, Thieves® Mints, Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier, Roller Ball, and Literature)
  • Popular Oil Infused Products (Pure Protein, Slique Bars, Superior Supplements, and Cool Azul)
  • How to get started instruction and what it means to be a member

This flyer covers it all! It is perfect for sending along with samples, handing out at a class or event, hanging up on your local community bulletin board or putting out on a store counter.


50 sheet pack of identical flyers