Menopause Essentials: The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Aging

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by Dr. Tamyra Comeaux

This is the ideal book for women who want to prepare for perimenopause, through the woman in late menopause.

Aging often visibly accelerates in menopause and preparation for aging and menopause with the proper tools is key. There is scientific backing that supports the use of aromatherapy essential oils and herbal medicine to provide menopause and aging relief. Unfortunately, taking vitamins and essential oils is not a one size fits all proposition and a woman with one symptom may have different needs to address the symptom in comparison to her counterpart with the same symptom. With a little guidance you can learn to identify menopausal and aging signs and which essential oils can alleviate any associated symptoms. 

Dr. Comeaux is a board certified Gynecologist in Houston, TX who has also completed studies in Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and Naturopathic Medicine. She combines traditional medicine with alternative methods to guide her patients through their best aging experience. This book is your “cheat sheet” from all the research and protocols Dr. Comeaux has used with her patients. Learn what women’s hormones decline in menopause, which diseases are closely linked to this decline, and what essential oils that have shown to help maintain a healthy natural menopause.

6"x9", 340 pages