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Truth Drops: A Scriptural Protocol For Releasing Your Past With Essential Oils
by Stacy McDonald

With raw honesty and compassion, author Stacy McDonald invites you into the shadows of her own painful history to infuse hope and healing to those struggling with toxic thoughts.

Find out how a distorted view of self, unresolved hurts, and lingering fears can stunt your overall success, and learn how to release it all to the God who sees.
Find out:
• How traumatic events can warp your perceptions. 
• How destructive life choices can be linked to trauma.
• Practical tools for dealing with fear and intrusive thoughts.

Truth Drops is jam-packed with practical aroma-filled brain-training exercises that utilize different essential oil blends, faith-based affirmations, and the life-changing power of Scripture. Learn to evaluate your own emotional reactions, gain a new perspective on your past, reject false perceptions, and develop healthier responses by building new pathways in the brain.

Though simple positive affirmations are helpful, each affirmation in this book is backed up by God’s own Word! Claim it, believe it, and walk in it! Jesus came to set the captives free!

5.5" x 8.5", 184 pages


"Truth Drops is a wonderful guide to help walk an individual through the emotional impact of trauma.  Stacy does a beautiful job of making the reader feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation over a cup of tea, and she is right there with you every step of the way. The steps are explained perfectly for anyone to have complete independence through this process." Melissa Poepping, AUTHOR OF THE CHEMICAL FREE HOME

"In the pages of this book, Stacy offers an alternative to “just getting over it” or feeling broken for the rest of your life. Her raw emotional story will inspire you to begin releasing your own past. Having walked the walk, Stacy leaves a path of healing for us to follow. 

Using the tools she created, you too can begin the process of releasing yourself from the bonds that have been holding you back. With compassion and Scriptural guidance, she offers this nine-week protocol to ease the way in dealing with baggage and finding victory. Truth Drops should be in everyone’s home, and used as a continual resource." Lori Borre, AUTHOR OF THE HARVEST

"In this book, Stacy McDonald walks you through the methods she used to ultimately be set free from toxic thoughts. Using a systematic combination of essential oils and Scripture, Stacy shows you how to rewrite your neural circuitry to produce productive thoughts that are consistent with God’s thoughts about you. 

In a very powerfully transformative way, this book will guide you on a journey of using your olfactory-limbic system to draw closer to God and to rid your mind of destructive thoughts. I highly recommend this book." Dr. Doug Corrigan PhD, AUTHOR, BIOCHEMIST, AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST

"You are going to love Truth Drops! In this book, Stacy’s vulnerability is awe-inspiring. But she doesn’t just leave us with a story of her struggles, she gives her audience the tools of aromatherapy and Scripture, so the reader can experience a life filled with drops of truth! The truth of God’s Word connected with the aromatics of His Creation. It’s been a huge blessing in my life!" Crystal Sewell, TRAUMA INFORMED ADVOCATE

"Stacy's concept of Truth Drops....pairing essential oils with Scripture....has been such an incredible blessing to our family. We are a Christian family with 5 foster/adopted kids who have been through severe abuse and neglect on all levels. 

We do Truth Drops with our kids every day, and many days multiple times a day! It has been a game-changer in retraining their brains from instinctual fear and PTSD responses, to speaking truth into what they are struggling with and stopping the cycle of unhealthy brain patterns. 

My son, who has had nightmares since he was tiny, has gone from several a week to one or two a month. My daughter brings her oils with verses on them to school and applies them when she is struggling. It is beautiful to hear my kids recite the memory verses that they have memorized in the process of these daily exercises. 

Stacy writes this book from the standpoint of someone who has walked through very hard things and wants to find healing for herself, so that she can be the best she can be. In the help she has found in this process, she is helping others find their own healing." Ava West, ADOPTIVE MAMA

"I feel confident that the Lord is going to use this book to bring comfort and help to His people." Laurie Bluedorn, AUTHOR OF TEACHING THE TRIVIUM, APRIL 2, 1952 - JULY 27, 2020


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    Heart of Gold

    Posted by Shelly Wander on 8th Feb 2022

    Stacy is a spectacular person with a heart of gold. She has a special gift in helping others to seek truth in the midst of our pain and lead us in a direction of healing. What I have read so far is amazing and I know it is going to make an impact on many many lives!! Stacy has a special gift. Blessed to call her my friend.