BeReady! (PDF book)

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Have you been paying attention to the happenings across the globe lately? It’s clear that some level of preparedness could be needed in our lifetime. What? When? How extensive? That remains uncertain. 

BeReady! is a result of a lifetime of being prepared for something. Hurricanes, floods, power outages, food shortages, financial shortfalls, disruption in medical care, and more, could happen today, tomorrow, or never. For author Debra Starkey, living a level of preparedness her whole life has come in very handy on numerous occasions.

BeReady! is shared from a “city girl’s” ability to be prepared, stay put, and handle all emergencies successfully.

• Why be ready?
• What are we getting ready for?
• Debra’s personal prepping experiences
• Prepping essentials – food storage, cooking off-grid, staying well with herbs, water and more.
• Water – storing, filtering, sourcing
• Food storage – home and commercially canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried, MRE foods
• Preparing stored foods that taste great
• Hand tools that get the job done
• Cooking off-grid, your “camp box”, pots, dishes and clean up, fuel sources
• Medical and first aid – herbs, make your own remedies, essential oils
• Whole grain cooking, including gluten-free
• Sanitation, personal hygiene
• Recipes
• Resources

8.5"x11", 60 pages // DIGITAL PDF BOOK


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