Reckless: The Risk, The Grind, The Reward

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For the Mountain Movers and the Game Changers
by Meghan Yancy and Keena Morgan

This book is full of tools, advice, and encouragement as you journey on your networking marketing business. This is a visual guide that includes steps and tips that you can tangibly integrate into your business life. It is not a magic potion or a quick fix to get to the “top” but it will serve as a guide to help you along the way. We want to help you to avoid some of the most common stumbling blocks and pass right by the naysayers as you chase your dreams.

We want to help inspire creativity, encourage you on your journey, and provide actionable steps that you can invest into your life, into your team, and into your direct marketing business.

This book covers the basis of enrolling members, structuring a team, as well as personal and professional development. It walks you through different methods and allows you the opportunity to see what works for you and get to the groundwork of why we are pursuing our dreams in the first place. This isn’t sleazy salesman talk, but instead, an invitation to make the most of the passion projects that are available to us. Take the risk with us and become reckless.

5.5" x 8.5", full color
68 pages