The Farmhouse Movement Magazine - Eleventh Edition

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Hello friends! What a magnificent time of year. The changing of the seasons from summer to fall is the most dramatic, bold and arguably beautiful change of the year. 

It's vast - from coast to coast and border to border, the leaves are turning, the harvest is mostly finished from the summer, and the haybales and pumpkins are showing up on front porches and store fronts everywhere. 

The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know that creates opportunities for the most precious memories, experiences and ways to give. 

In this issue we dive into all the beautiful things of the season starting with ten homesteading projects for autumn that you can modify even if you live in town. One of my favorite articles is All About Apples - a really fun overview of how apples are seen everywhere during the fall. 

We talk about hosting a lovely Friendsgiving - the why and the how, and the importance of the RSVP. You'll be so inspired by the beauty of our featured farmhouse and her tasteful and simple transitions of decor between seasons. 

The rising desire of families across the globe to use more natural options inspired our candle guidlines and alternatives article as well as our discussion on the power we have over our immunity during cold and flu season. 

My very first Thanksgiving as a wife and homemaker, I made a spicy turkey marinade that my family has requested every year since. So many friends have asked for the recipe and I'm so excited to finally get it in this issue of the mag. 

I know you'll love these stories as much as I do. As always, we keep it incredibly simple and straight forward. We believe in the values of home, family and farmhouse living... regardless of where you live. 

Enjoy the season and enjoy the holidays!