Nutrition 101: Choose Life! Multi-User License

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Multiple-user licenses of Nutrition 101: Choose Life! are available for co-ops. Growing Healthy Homes defines a co-op as two or more families that meet on a regular, routine basis (preferably weekly) for educational or extracurricular purposes.

If you already own Nutrition 101: Choose Life! (book or ebook download), you don't need a license to participate in a co-op.

All other families in a co-op may either purchase their own copies of Nutrition 101: Choose Life! or they must purchase a one-year, multiple-user license as outlined below.

  • The teacher of each class must purchase the Nutrition 101: Choose Life! book and register as a co-op teacher by sending an e-mail to with your name, contact information and name/location of your co-op.
  • Additional families who do not already own Nutrition 101: Choose Life! must purchase a $30 multiple-user license, which allows them to receive copied files from the teacher’s book.
  • Each family that purchases a multiple-user license will have the option of applying the $30 toward a purchase of the book to have of their own.
  • Each license is valid for one school year. Please note that reprintable material for multiple-user license includes chapter activity pages, recipes and the Appendices. The unit text, teacher's guide and index may not be reproduced. Nutrition 101: Choose Life! remains protected by copyright.

Completing this transaction signifies the purchaser acknowledges and agrees to all requirements as outlined above.

Multiple-user licenses of Nutrition 101: Choose Life! $30.00