Nutrition 101: Choose Life! Book

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Co-authored by homeschool mother Debra Starkey, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., I.C.A.; homeschool mother and researcher Sera Johnson, B.MU; homeschool mother and writer/editor Laura Hopkins, B.S.; and mother, grandmother and former Home Economics teacher Karen Hopkins, B.S.

Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a three-in-one family nutrition and health program for all ages that presents the major body systems, how they function, their common health issues, the benefits of good food and the consequences of bad food. Its 448 pages include into six units:

  1. The Brain and Nervous System
  2. Digestion and Elimination
  3. Respiration and Olfactory
  4. Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  5. Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
  6. Endocrine System and Emotions.

Biblically based and packed with hands-on activities, science and art projects and nearly 80 family-friendly recipes, this program teaches and reinforces the why’s of what we should eat, not just “because I said so.” Containing a complete reference guide filled with nutrition facts, charts, practical tips and an exhaustive index, Nutrition 101: Choose Life! will serve as a constant resource for improved health and abundant living.

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“Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a wonderful, well organized and much needed educational tool! There is simply nothing else out there like it!”
- Thomas M. Reed, DPM, FACFAS, Double board certified in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery and author of Core Essentials Complete: 90 Days to a Healthier You

“It has been such a joy to see Nutrition 101: Choose Life! come to life in our co-op. The kids have greatly enjoyed the fun and varied science experiments and the delicious cooking activities. They also have learned a great deal about their bodies and healthy eating habits. The most important thing my own child has learned is that healthy foods don’t have to taste bad, and that trying new foods can be fun!”
- Elise Eaton, Director, Extraordinary Education

“We have really enjoyed Nutrition 101: Choose Life! I love the fact that my daughter has learned to make better food choices at each meal and has become such a great label reader.”
- Maureen Brisack, homeschool mother of two

“Nutrition 101: Choose Life! does an amazing job explaining the anatomy and physiology of the body, nutritional health and how to make good food choices every day, but most of all it reflects God’s love for us. Passing this information on to our children will be a blessing.”
- Lisa Cook, mother and RN

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  • 5
    Amazing Resource

    Posted by Kimberly Ryan on 13th Oct 2023

    I have absolutely LOVED using Nutrition 101: Choose Life as a homeschool science course for my 7th grade daughter!! It is on point with honoring our bodies as God’s creation and a temple of His Spirit as well as aligning with my training as a functional nutritionist. Most health science and nutrition curriculums out there teach outdated main stream food pyramid theories, but this book teaches the importance of eating quality whole food, the way God made it, to nourish the entire body! I love how it’s broken into units that focus on each body system but also continues to emphasize how each system works together as a whole. Mainstream science today really fails to educate students on how the body works together as a whole and how each system effects the function of the whole body… the idea that when one system has disfunction the whole body is effected or vice versa when one system thrives it benefits the entire body as a whole. I also love that it includes the importance that toxins play in effecting our health and so much more! My daughter and I have loved making a weekly recipe together as well and it is giving her kitchen and cooking skills that will serve her throughout her life! Priceless!! I would recommend this book 100x times over to anyone, adult or child, out there wanting to gain the basics in knowledge on the truth of health and nutrition! This book is for anyone and everyone, homeschool or not… you could use it as a whole family study as well!! Thank you Growing Healthy Homes Team for creating such an invaluable resource!!!

  • 5
    A Great Book!

    Posted by Kim Harris on 2nd Jul 2021

    I just start reading Nutrition 101 book. I love color pages in the book. I can't wait to finish the book. This book has great information on Nutrition. It makes you think what foods you are putting into your body. This is book is amazing!

  • 5
    Nutrition 101

    Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2021

    Thank you for writing this book and making it so easy to understand.

  • 5
    Great Informative Book

    Posted by Kelly Pearson on 5th Dec 2020

    This book is very informative and has a great layout. I love the fact that it's not just about nutrition, but about all of the systems that make up the body and how they work. We are just getting started but I think this book has the potential to better your life through the daily choices you make about nutrition, ultimately leading to living a longer and healthier lifestyle.

  • 5
    Nutrition 101

    Posted by Nancy on 16th Aug 2020

    Excellent resource for the family and the business!

  • 4
    Great curriculum but...

    Posted by Courtney on 1st Feb 2019

    This curriculum is one of a kind. I am happy I found this because I am very health oriented. The curriculum overall is wonderful, I only wish they had answers to discussion questions, it would make it much easier. Also, a few of the information in here is not correct like eating 5-7 serving of grains per day. Our bodies can only digest a handful of grains per day and most of the grains sold in the US are gmo. Ancient grains are best. There is a few other things that I don’t agree with but that’s really easy to skip over. Overall it’s a great curriculum and I highly recommend. I will use it over the years with my children..

  • 5
    Nutrition 101: Choose Life

    Posted by Kathryn on 30th Aug 2018

    Amazing reference book! The amount of time, research, fact-finding and prayer that went into this book is evident. You will find yourself keeping it nearby for quick access. Thank you, Ladies for sharing your knowledge and heartswith us.

  • 5
    Every family needs a copy

    Posted by Joanna Stewart on 4th Jul 2017

    This is one of the most important books in our home. I used it to teach Nutrition/Health to all 3 of my daughters. It's packed with more information than can be studied in one school year. Our family refers to it over and over.

  • 5
    very informative

    Posted by Carol Egger on 30th Sep 2016

    Wonderful book to get a new or old member on the right path with their health. Plan to give it to a new member as a bonus for signing-up.